Ten years ago, we had a wild idea to start an event focused around creativity, entrepreneurship and inspiration. With help from the community and a lot of friends, we did just that.

Over the years, the conference grew. It inspired and connected a community that now spans the globe and we are truly humbled and blown away by how the event evolved. Whether you’ve been a part of the journey from Day 1, or are just arriving: we want to thank you.

This year, for the first time, Big Omaha will take place alongside the Maha Music Festival. Maha is Omaha’s annually anticipated summer celebration created for the community, rather than profit, and built by the community as opposed to a corporation. Showcasing emerging local artists and pulling in big national acts, the nonprofit festival has grown steadily since its inaugural event in 2009.

For both of our 10 year anniversaries, Maha Music Festival and Big Omaha have united to create one amazing experience.

We’re thrilled for what’s yet to come. More than the entertainment, inspiration and community these events provide, they serve as a beacon that challenges preconceptions and encourages individuals – especially those considering the risk of starting a new venture or asking themselves where they see themselves in the future – to engage, build and create right here, in our community.

As we look back over the last decade, so much has changed since that first event in 2009. Our community’s needs have evolved, and so has the conference landscape we were part of creating. Yet our vision for a big Omaha remains the same. We’ve been a part of shaping this tenth annual conference, and as we head into the future, we truly believe that the best way to honor the roots of Big Omaha is to rethink what it can be in the years ahead.

So, this is the last Big Omaha as we know it.

However, just because this is the close of one chapter, that does not mean the story is over.

Next year, the conference will be reimagined to bring in the next decade of creativity and inspiration. And on August 16 & 17, we’ll be banging the Big Omaha drum!

We invite you to join us in celebrating the past ten years, and to be a part of what's next!

Jeff & Dusty
Founders, Big Omaha